Trade Consulting Service

At its’ core, Aegis is a trading company that specializes in moving product across markets and into the hands of our clients’ current—and potential—customer base. Whether helping a client develop trade networks in a new market or working the management of FDI in greenfield and brownfield investments, Aegis provides end-to-end planning and support, including site management by our employees when needed.
With a honed understanding of the complexity of the international market, Aegis also helps clients navigate legal and fiscal difficulties they encounter in third countries. Building on your vision, Aegis identifies the optimal course of action while preparing for contingencies and unexpected obstacles that may arise.
Aegis Solutions Project Management

Global Supply Chain Management

Aegis will integrate into your daily business to look across your supply chain, and optimize your processes according to your needs and intent. Aegis identifies logjams and provides solutions to minimize costly wastes of resources and time.

Global Project Management

Running a third-country project without a ground presence is time-consuming, difficult, and often leads to fiscal loss. Aegis takes on clients’ overseas projects and assumes “ownership” through representatives on the ground at the site. Because we see our clients as partners, Aegis ensures the job is completed safely, correctly, and on time—or early— leading to future business opportunities.

Sourcing and Procurement

Maintaining a presence and partnerships in over 90 countries, Aegis offers its clients access to numerous sources of raw materials, manufacturing resources, and completed products. Aegis prides itself on the ability to acquire anything our clients require, spanning the spectrum from bulk raw minerals and materials to solar panels and IT infrastructure. When required, Aegis offers complete logistical support to include shipping, warehousing, and B2B and B2C delivery of products.


IT Infrastructure and Data Center Installations

Aegis provides clients with the expertise to develop or expand their IT capabilities as needed. Aegis offers clients a full range of services to include disassembly and data destruction, installation, security assessments, backup power generation, enterprise data center configuration, and monitoring and maintenance.

Looking for a Unique Solution?

We offer additional services across a broad range of skill sets and disciplines.